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KT Caster Agent Franchise Service

Advantages of Agent Joining KT Caster

Advantage 1: Twelve years of brand escort

Twelve years of professional production experience, the company uses international advanced production testing equipment and professional intelligent production and management system with professional process, adequate supply and timely delivery; KTC company's sales network has spread all over the world, and has established a company in Korea, favored by users from all walks of life around the world.

Twelve years of research and development focus on casters and adjusting feet, with a complete production line, including automation equipment, semiconductor equipment, testing equipment, assembly equipment, communication equipment, vending machines, medical equipment, furniture and other industries.

Advantage 2: Distributor Network Information Sharing

The company has a huge dealer network and regularly organizes activities to provide communication and sharing platform. In addition, through the exhibition and the expansion of salesmen, the company accumulated a large number of local end-user information, will unconditionally share with distributors, the company adopts a strict market regional security system, in order to safeguard the interests of agents, promote the stable development of the brand and achieve win-win situation.

Advantage 3: Provide pre-sale and after-sale technical support

The company establishes a key customer service department, which is composed of senior engineers, professional R&D team and advanced technical support from Korea. For the special functional requirements of the project list, it can quickly put forward system solutions.

Advantage 4: Advertising Supports Co-development of Market

The company encourages distributors to make outdoor advertisements and provides support for them. For outdoor advertisements, signboard advertisements and store poster design, the company can provide product pictures, image logos and design schemes for distributors to choose and use.

Cooperation Conditions with KT Caster

Conditions 1: Franchisors need to have physical stores or business circles;

Conditions 2: Franchisors have certain economic strength and good commercial reputation in the region;

Conditions 3: Consistent with the company's marketing philosophy.

The process of joining KT Caster

Intention to Negotiate Market Investigation, Sign Agency Agreement, Arrange Professional Training and Issue Agency Agreement Certificate

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